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Welcome to the world of William Duck, a master writer in the world of literature! His astounding storylines and enigmatic characters bespeak his triumphant contributions in the genres of military, war, and detective spy!

Lose yourself in the world of crime and thrill, and let us know what you think, you have a plethora of books to choose from!


Fire And Fury

Explore the intricate challenges faced by the military through the captivating narratives found in U.S. Army Special Forces Books with William Duck’s “Fire and Fury” to unravel the intricacies of military existence. This literary work explores the life of Green Beret Captain Joseph Allen, offering a poignant portrayal of his struggles to safeguard the military from the brink of a deadly conflict. Along his journey, Captain Allen encounters the love of his life—a romance entwined with the complexities of being the daughter of a renowned Military General.

Dragon Fire

Dragon Fire” stands out as a remarkable addition to both the genres of Military Fiction Books and Books About War. This gripping narrative of the China-Taiwan War revolves around the historical event when Chiang Kai-Shek sought refuge in Taiwan, leading to the occupation of its territory. Duck skillfully maneuvers the strategies employed by China to reclaim Taiwan without provoking intervention from Western powers.


Detective Bench and the Miami Beach Murders

Discover the world of Detective Bench, another one of William Duck’s timeless Murder Mystery Book. Immerse yourself in the story of Detective Robert Bench, who puts his time with the Navy Seal behind him and joins hands with the Miami Police for the better. But everything takes a turn when unexpected events start to unfold. Set foot on his journey in this Detective Book and feel the thrill as Detective Bench discovers dark, twisted cases that go far beyond the contemporary murders.

Duck Brothers Adventures

Take a trip down memory lane with William Duck’s, Duck Brothers Adventures, a wonderful take on growing up, and the bond shared between siblings. Scour through the adventures as they unravel in each page and add this delightful mix of imagination and creativity to your Children’s Book Series!

About the Author
William Duck

William Duck is a stellar of the literature world, known for his unmatched contributions in the genres of military, war, and detective spy. His writings have made him a well-known Military and Detective Books Author for the audience.

Throwing light on different genres, William Duck’s expertise in military fiction is impeccable. Being related to the Army background, he possesses the experience and creativity to pen down the heroism of military personnel and their sacrifices with gripping storytelling techniques.

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